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Cobra Imaging, North America's Water Transfer Printing Specialist

Welcome to Cobra Imaging, we are specialists in providing unique decorative solutions to a variety of coating issues. We use a process called water transfer printing to apply decorative patterns in wood grains, carbon fibres, camouflage, and more to a multitude of products.

Because water transfer printing can be used in so many different applications we specialize in working with our clients to provide the right finishing solution that will stand up to the demands of the environment where their products need to perform.

Our processes beautify, protect and add value to your items. We are experienced and have worked with products that are used in the automotive, marine, household, sporting, military, recreational and industrial industries. Our coatings stand up well to abrasion, chemical exposure, as well as extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

If you want it to stand up and stand out, then Cobra Imaging can make it happen. Please look around our site and then contact us and let us show you how we can help with your coating needs.


Trevor Spalding,
Cobra Imaging.




Imagine it - Dip It!

Cobra Imaging

Cobra Imaging is Canada's premier supplier of water transfer imaging technology. Whether it is customization of an individual's possesions or adding value to a commercial client's products, we work to find the best solutions that will meet your decorative and coating needs.

Our clients are discerning individuals and companies who are looking to express their individualism through custom graphics, who desire a specific functional look (camouflage, wood grain, etc.) or who have a product that they want to stand out from the norm to grab attention or market share. Our clients value our integrity, quality finishes, attention to detail and the personalized service they receive in finding the best solution to their finishing needs.

At Cobra Imaging, we use only the best materials to produce the finest finished goods possible in a timely manner.

Our company operates in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada and is dedicated to providing high caliber custom imaging. We pride overselves in our quality and customer service.

What We Offer

  • One-off custom work
  • individual piece or volume runs
  • designed finishing solutions to match your specific requirements
  • A variety of different images with unlimited colour variations
  • 100% Product and Customer Satisfaction


Cobra Imaging can scan any colour giving you unlimited base colour options, contact us for details.

Additional services include industrial paint coating for a variety applications, contact us to discuss your project requirements

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Phone (250) 832-4285 Toll free 1-877-552-4285

285 - 5th Street SW
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